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We are Premiering!

We are thrilled to announced that we will be Premiering Luku Ngarra: The Law of the Land at Adelaide Film Festival on Saturday 22nd October and that we have been nominated for The Change Award. If you would like to join us at the festival, please follow the link below to purchase tickets from the Adelaide Film Festival Website.

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This film is an absolute must for anyone who cares about Australia and / or its first nations people. You’ll be left breathless by the knowledge you’ll absorb. After you pull yourself from your seat, you’ll take away total admiration of the Yolngu people and their ability to survive, succeed and show the way to a new Australian future. You’ll carry away an urge to understand more of our aboriginal peoples’ past and you’ll believe that we must have a national response that creates a shared and respectful future for all Australians. And you’ll understand that we need to leave behind the arrogance of our colonial culture and its thriving and ugly offspring, paternalism, which attempts to salve its conscienc…

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