'The wisdom and reverence of this incredible man and his people will deeply affect you for the rest of your life, as they have mine.'

- Director, Sinem Saban

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 Luku Ngarra will deeply confront you, by asking you to step out of the dominant ideology that has enslaved us all, to see the Yolngu System of Law for what it truly is – profoundly wise,

deeply complex and undisputedly important.

This Law was passed onto Yolngu by the Great Creator of the Universe, via the Ancestral Beings.

It is not a law that was written on a piece of paper yesterday, it is the Law of the Land,

it is the Rule of Law that has been in existence since time immemorial. 



Keeping true to the values and priorities of Director Sinem Saban's entire career in making

film and media content, this is an entirely independent production.

As well as her own personal funds, this film has been financially supported by

Arnhem Land Progress Association and the generous donations of 

you the people and philanthropists.

As we are now in post-production, we are fundraising to cover these final costs.

We graciously welcome any help if you can.