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'The wisdom and reverence of this incredible man and his people will deeply affect you for the rest of your life, as they have mine.'

- Director, Sinem Saban


Filmed over 5 years in Northeast Arnhem Land and as a result of a 12 year friendship, Luku Ngarra - The Law of the Land is a powerful and intimate journey into the world of the Yolngu First Nations of Australia.


At its centre is a remarkable man, Rev. Dr Djiniyini Gondarra, who has been a tireless beacon for freedom and justice for Indigenous Australians for the last 40+ years, as well as a highly respected clan leader, traditional lawman,

 spiritual leader and civil rights activist.


The film will deeply challenge audiences' understanding of the Yolngu world, the crisis currently facing remote Indigenous communities today, and offer a better way forward  that upholds the dignity, respect and sovereignty of the oldest living culture in the world.


It offers viewers a fascinating exploration of their customary law and how it has kept Yolngu people in balance with the environment and with each other for tens of thousands of years. Following true to Dr Gondarra's well known straight talk, he and many other Yolngu present how their law has been completely at odds with the dominant mainstream paradigm which has in effect has created chaos to their lives. and the environment.


By opening big questions that require a humanitarian response, audiences will be compelled to question their own world and the views and structures that come with it. 


The film is a timely vehicle of wisdom from one of Australia's most respected Indigenous Elders, that addresses the challenges of our times with soul and compassion.


Its director, Sinem Saban (Our Generation Media ), has been closely interwoven with the Yolngu of Northeast Arnhem Land for more than 20 years, and directed the award-winning and groundbreaking documentary on Indigenous rights - Our Generation (2010). 


Luku Ngarra: The Law of the Land is entirely independent, and is now at post-production stage, for which it is seeking funds for completion.


Keeping true to the values and priorities of Director Sinem Saban's entire career in making

film and media content, this is an entirely independent production.

As well as her own personal funds, this film has been financially supported by

Arnhem Land Progress Association and the generous donations of 

you the people and philanthropists.

We now have a 90 minute cut completed and need to raise the final costs of post-production which 

include Sound Edit and Master, Color Grade and Licensing of Archives and Music.

We graciously welcome any help if you can.


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