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Host your own Public Screening!

uku Ngärra: The Law of the Land is now ready and available for you to host a public screening in your local cinema, community venue etc.


All you have to do is:

  1. Download and read the Public Screening Rights License form to ensure you understand what hosting an event entails.

  2. Fill out the Enquiry Form below to start the process, we will be in touch soon after to start the ball rolling.

  3. Confirm your date, venue and other details of your event.

  4. Sign and send us the Public Screening Rights License form along with evidence of your paid license fee.


We will then:

Put together an official event poster for you with all your event details (please allow at least 2 weeks for pre screening promotion)

Help promote your event through our social media and newsletter

Post to you a Master DVD to use for screening (this will be required to be sent back)

If screening in a cinema, we will arrange for a high resolution version of film to be sent directly to the cinema.

What are film screening rights?

When you buy a movie you also buy the right to screen the movie at home, on your TV or in your home cinema; and you can invite friends around to enjoy it with you, as often as you like.

But to screen a movie in a public place (just about anywhere that is not your home) you have to buy the commercial or ‘theatrical’ screening rights from the distributor who owns them. These rights entitle you to screen the movie in a public venue and to charge admission fees.

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